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Saturday 09/25/10Three Peaks USA
Map to Registration
Online Pre-reg from Wed Aug-25 at 12:00 AM to Fri Sep-24 at 11:00 PM
There will be a pick up at Kilometer mark 67
EntryStartFieldPrize /
 Full Course Women$50.0010:00 AM0100Trophy - $ TBA75K
 Full Course Men 40+$50.0010:00 AM0100$250/5 combined75K
 Full Course Men 40-$50.0010:00 AM0100$250/5 combined75K
 Full Course MTB Men$50.0010:00 AM0100Trophy - $ TBA75K
 Half Course Women$40.0010:00 AM0100Trophy 40K
 Half Course CX Men$40.0010:00 AM0100Trophy 40K
 Half Course MTB Men$40.0010:00 AM0100Trophy 40K
 Relay Women (any bike)$70.0010:00 AM0100Trophy 75K
 Relay Men (any bike)$70.0010:00 AM0100Trophy 75K
 Relay Mixed (any bike)$70.0010:00 AM0100Trophy 75K
 Full Course Women Lap 1$0.0010:00 AM0035K
 Full Course Men 40+ Lap 1$0.0010:00 AM0035K
 Full Course Men 40- Lap 1$0.0010:00 AM0035K
 Full Course MTB Men Lap 1$0.0010:00 AM0035K
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